Vac Motor 24V VMAX Series


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  • 24V 3STG Vac Motor
  • 5.7 V-Series
  • Discharge Type:Tangential

22 in stock

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Product description

Fits OEM:

Alto/Clarke 51049A; Ametek 119433-13; Ametek 116515-13;Minuteman 740225; Nilfisk/Advance 26047;Nilfisk/Advance 9095370000;Nilfisk/Advance 56412218;Nilfisk/Advance 56637876;Nilfisk/Advance 44917A;Nobles/Tennant 9002562;Nobles/Tennant 1025106;Nobles/Tennant 130477AM;Nobles/Tennant 130477;Nobles/Tennant 605057;NSS 2499059

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 15 in


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